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About Stacey


For those of you that do not know me, I am Stacey Caron, wife, mother, dog mom, designer, and entrepreneur.  For years, I've been passionate about finding inspiration and beauty in the world around me, now I'm sharing it like never before; inviting you to come in, see the world through my eyes and find your inner beauty along the way. Beautifully designed & curated product collections are my gateway to spark imagination and explore possibilities. Remember: 

A creative playground encourages inner beauty to shine outwardly!


Strong, creative women have a vision. They look out and see a future full of possibility, a blank canvas waiting to be filled. Most importantly, these women have the passion for making that vision become reality. Stacey Caron has the vision to empower all women to be their best creative self. She has the wisdom of a successful entrepreneur, is a creator of unique experiences, and is a true curator of possibilities. This comes from her bold self-confidence, tireless determination and steadfast relationships she's built over the years.

Anything is possible if you have the vision, passion, and support around you to create your own canvas of possibility.

Optimistic Visionary - Freedom of Expression - Confident Energy


Just when you least expect it, an extraordinary type of “Serendipity” strikes to create spectacular outcomes.  Meet Cris Olson & Stacey Caron, the creative duo behind the Stacey Caron and Ravens Rose Jewelry Collection. Both Cris & Stacey share a relentless passion for creativity and design. Cris’s remarkable pedigree as a fifth generation Master Jeweler and Stacey’s achievements in product design, development & entrepreneurship has resulted in a beautiful collection of uplifting and empowering products.

People Who Feel Empowered By Your Presence Become Kindred Spirits

-Dr. Wayne Dyer